B.S. in Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the disciplinary study of humans as they participate in physical activity. Professional applications offered by the department include Pre-Athletic Training, Exercise Nutrition and Wellness, Physical Education Teaching, and Pre-Physical Therapy.

The purposes of the Department of Kinesiology are (1) to provide an opportunity for students to study the discipline of Kinesiology; and (2) to provide opportunities for learning and participation in a wide variety of motor activities. Such study includes an investigation into the nature of motor performance, how it is assessed, what its effects are upon the rest of human bodily systems, and how motor performance is learned. It also involves an investigation of the historical, cultural, philosophical, psychological, and social factors which result from and influence play, games, and sports.

The department's program also offers courses appropriate to the general education curriculum of the university in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, and life-long learning. It provides the necessary foundation for students who wish to continue their own personal lifelong activities. 

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