Planning for Distinction

President Morishita has asked the campus community, led by Provost Houpis and Chief Financial Officer Wells, to engage a comprehensive review of all campus programs and activities during this coming academic year. The objective of this planning effort is to find the proper balance of programs that allow the university to maintain the hallmarks of quality at CSU East Bay and pursue those initiatives we believe are most essential to the campus mission and strategic commitments, and the institutional learning objectives. While the time and effort required to engage in this process will be substantial, the outcome should provide direction for the University, within the financial constraints we face, to ensure that we continue to provide “academically rich, culturally relevant, learning experiences that prepare students to apply their education to meaningful lifework, and to be socially responsible contributors to society.”

A Steering Committee, chaired by Vice President Linda Dalton, has been formed to oversee the work of two subgroups: the Instructional Program Task Group and the Support Program Task Group. Starting with each individual program, our objective as a campus community is to conduct a comprehensive and simultaneous review of all academic and nonacademic programs using criteria that is developed by the task groups; and then measuring, analyzing and prioritizing those programs. Planning for Distinction will drive our resource allocation decisions in the future by ensuring we are putting sufficient resources into our highest priority programs and maintaining steady funding for programs that remain central to our mission.

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