Student Instructions - Cooperative Education


To be eligible for the Co-op Course, you must:

  1. Be in good academic standing and not be on academic probation
  2. Have a 2.0 GPA or higher
  3. Have a job/ internship offer that relates to your major/option (AACE can help)

Note: International / F-1 Visa students: The AACE staff cannot advise you on eligibility. The Center for International Education (CIE) at CSUEB is your official point of contact to determine your eligibility to work off-campus. Once you obtain permission to work off-campus from the CIE, and obtain a job or internship, you may enroll in the Cooperative Education Course.


  1. When you obtain a job or internship and wish to enroll in a course, download the following forms:
    1. Cooperative Education Forms
    2. CSU Volunteer Identification Form (required only if position is unpaid)
  2. Complete the top half of the Cooperative Education Agreement and bring it to Academic Advising and Career Education for approval.
  3. After approval, take the Agreement Form, the Learning Contract and the Work Performance Evaluation to your academic department. They will assign you a faculty advisor and provide you a call number. After receiving the call #, you can register for the course.
  4. Complete the top half of the Learning Contract and meet with your faculty advisor to review and have him/her approve.


  1. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide the Learning Contract/Work Performance Evaluation form to your work supervisor within the first week of beginning employment. In order to receive a grade for this course, the Work Performance Evaluation needs to be completed and received by your faculty advisor in a timely fashion. Please discuss with him/her the date they will need this back.
  2. After your supervisor completes your performance evaluation, return the Learning Contract/Work Performance Evaluation form to your faculty advisor.
  3. At the end of the quarter, your faculty advisor will provide you a grade for the course (CR/NC).
  4. Keep a copy of all your forms until your grade is posted on your transcript.
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