Write a Resume to Get the Interview (video)

Introduction to Resumes

Your resume is typically one of the first points of contact an employer will have with you. Be sure to follow these simple guidelines while preparing your resume.

Tailor your Resume (.pdf)

Follow this link to find out more information about how to tailor your resume for the job you are seeking - without having to write an entirely new resume every time!

How to Write a Resume Bullet (.pdf)

The resume bullet is an integral part of your resume - it is one of the key places an employer will look to find out about your work activity, skills, and knowledge. They want results - and this document will help you craft your statements to highlight your activity and production.

List of Action Verbs (.pdf)

What's a resume without action verbs? A responsibility list - and we don't want that. Use this list to help form action-oriented and result-oriented statements about your skills and abilities.

References (.pdf)

You should always arrive at an interview prepared with a list of references - whether it was asked for or not. Use this document to help you gather the information you'll need to know to put a useful list together for a potential employer.

Sample Resumes

These samples are here to give you ideas on format and content.  The 'title' of the resume is only used to highlight that person's major - any of these can be of help to almost any major, so please take a look a a good variety.

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