In the Classroom

The AACE counselors welcome the opportunity to speak to your classes. We are available to speak to your classes on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, an Overview of the Services provided by AACE, Selecting an Academic Major and a Career Path, Writing an Effective Resume, Interviewing Skills, and The Job Search Process.

AACE Counselor in Your Absence

If you are going to be absent, and are considering cancelling your class, let us know and a counselor will be happy to prepare an appropriate topic to present to your class. The guidelines below will help you as you plan for your quarter.

Classroom Connections

AACE can also assist you in scheduling appropriate employers to speak to your class. Employers are available to discuss career related issues and to talk about their field of expertise. Students often appreciate hearing from an individual who is directly involved in their field of study. Please contact AACE at 510-885-3621 for assistance.

Classroom Assignments to AACE

We are so pleased with your continued support of our center and services. AACE counselors are excited to introduce our services to your students through walk-ins, individual appointments, and workshops. We recognize that planning for a large influx of students in addition to our regular traffic is imperative in making the student's experience worthwhile. Please refer to the guidelines below for information on scheduling activities with AACE.

Guidelines to Scheduling AACE Services

Please feel free to contact us at (510) 885-3621 to schedule any of our services or contact your AACE liaison from the list below.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your students.

College of Business and EconomicsGeorge Hanna, 510-885-7473, Sam Tran, 510-885-3084 or Nancy Navarro-Leca, 510-885-7223

College of Education and Allied Studies, Keith Kravitz, 510-885-4621

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences,

College of Science, Susana Moraga, 510-885-4236 or Tristan Garcia, 925-602-6712

Concord Campus, Tristan Garcia, 925-602-6712

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