The Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) staff is here to help you to connect with the outstanding, talented students and alumni from Cal State East Bay. We are committed to developing effective relationships with employers seeking qualified Cal State East Bay candidates for full time/part-time employment and internship opportunities. There are numerous services available to you and your organization. Some of these services include:

  • Free Job and Internship Postings for qualified organizations on PioneerJobs
  • On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program 
  • Career & Internship Fairs
  • Classroom Connections                                                                                     
  • Information Sessions

To learn more about recruitment services for employers and ways to attract potential candidates, see below for the diffrent services and information. We look forward to working with you to help you meet your recruitment needs.

Employer Ethical Standards and Recruitment Practices

Please review the employer standards and policies for recruitment practices at CSUEB, prior to posting a job or internship.

Job and Internship Postings

Employers may submit their open job and internship positions on PioneerJobs for CSUEB students and alumni. Please read the Job and Internship Postings section before submitting your positions.  

Career and Internship Fairs

An extremely effective way for you to recruit. Thousands of students attend our fairs every year.

On-Campus Interviewing

Use our one-stop facility to conduct interviews with your candidates right here at CSUEB.

Classroom Connections

Reach out to CSUEB students in the classroom!  Click the link above to learn more about some of those opportunities.

Employer Partnership Program

Academic Advising and Career Education has many ways to help employers promote job and internship openings, build their brand, and access the talent at CSUEB. The Employer Partnership Program is an exclusive opportunity to maximize your organization’s recruiting effectiveness by increasing your campus visibility through selective placement of corporate logos on AACE websites, printed materials, special programs, and campus-wide network monitors. 

Become a "Career Contact"

Register with our Career Contact Directory and serve as a mentor for CSUEB students.

Information Sessions

Information Sessions allow employers to conduct presentations about their organization for students to learn about company culture, hiring procedures, career and internship positions, and other employment opportunites. Request for an Information Session should be made through PioneerJobs

Tabling on Campus

If you would like to table on campus to promote open job opportunities, please contact Sylvia Head at sylvia.head@csueastbay.edu. Request needs to be made at least four weeks (30 days) in advance. Tabling is allowed during the fall, winter, and spring academic quarters, and starts the first week after the AACE career fairs and ends the week before finals. 

Here are some tips to table successfully at CSUEB:

  • Arrive early to account for parking and set-up
  • Create an attractive and inviting display and signs that you are hiring now
  • Wear your company’s apparel and name badge
  • Stand frequently throughout the entire time to appear approachable
  • If several students come to your table at once, acknowledge everybody

Advertise on our AACEtubes

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to place an advertisement on our Chevron AACEtubes.  

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