McNair Scholars in Their Own Words

Ana Angel

Picture of Ana Angel

Major: Ethnic Studies

I am an Ethnic Studies Major with a focus on Latino/a studies. My minor is Sociology. I am interested in exploring the effect of immigration on changing role of Chicana woman in the modern Mexican-American family. My interests are immigration patterns, transnationalism, Chicano/a identity and Chicana Feminism.


Nena Bush

Picture of Nena Bush

Major: Ethnic Studies/ Sociology

I am majoring in Ethnic Studies and Child Development. In my research, I am interested in looking at state funded programs such as Cal-SAFE, Cal-Learn and Early Head Start and the impact of these programs on the teenage parents and their children with a focus on academic success.


Anita Carse

Picture of Anita Carse

Major: Liberal Studies

I am a Liberal Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice. My research explores the role of boarding schools in African American education.


Mikel Delgado

Picture of Mikel Delgado

Major: Psychology

I am a Psychology major and I run a private business as a cat behavior consultant. My academic interests include comparative psychology, abnormal psychology and neuroscience. I am currently researching environmental enrichment for laboratory pigeons and after I graduate from CSUEB, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in animal behavior.


Miriam Dorsett

Picture of Miriam Dorsett

Major: Ethnic Studies

I am an Ethnic Studies major focusing on Gender and Sexuality and Native American studies. In my research I plan to explore the impact of social constructions of gender on youth, particularly how social constructs influence the sexual expression of high school age youth.


Manual Ricardo Flores

Picture of Manual Ricardo Flores

Major: Liberal Studies

I will pursue a Ph.D in Learning Sciences, Design, and Technology. My research interests include online teaching and learning, distance education, attrition rates of students of color in online courses, multimedia and instruction, online teaching best practices and methods, constructivist theory, multiple intelligences. The driving question for my research is, "What effect if any, does professional development for faculty teaching online courses has on reducing the dropout rates of low SES students online?".


Caroline Gikanga

Picture of Caroline Gikanga

Major: Economics

I am majoring in Economics with an Accounting option. My research interest is Tax Pricing. This research is based on examining how the big four CPA companies arrive at the tax and audit fees imposed on their clients and how this fees could alter an Auditor's independence if not regulated.


Debbie Giron

Picture of Debbie Giron

Major: Ethnic Studies

My major is Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Latino Studies. I am interested in exploring teen pregnancy in the Latino community to see if there is a correlation between social economic status and the lack of sex education.


Jasmine Jackson

Picture of Jasmine Jackson

Major: Computer Science

My major is Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Criminal Justice. My interests are computer security and cryptography. In my research I plan to explore current security protocols and how they relate to Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs).


Rene Jacome

Picture of Rene Jacome

Major: Physics

I am conducting preliminary research for an experimental apparatus that will search for an anomalous coupling between Earth's gravitational field and the nuclear spins of atoms. Such a coupling would imply a separation between gravitational mass (measured by its interaction with gravity) and inertial mass (measured by its resistance to being accelerated) and therefore a violation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, whose fundamental assumption is the equivalence between gravitational and inertial mass.


Brittany Jenkins

Picture of Brittany Jenkins

Major: Psychology/Sociology (Social Work)

I am a junior double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with an option in Social Work. I am interested in researching the correlation or lack thereof, of traumatic childhood events and Psychosis.


Alexander Ligon

Picture of Alexander Ligon

Major: Biology

My topic of interest is Hereditary Diseases among plants and animals. More specifically I plan to examine the genetic causes of Alzheimer's or possibly any other serious illnesses that can be linked to genetic mutation or damage.


Sandra Martin

Picture of Sandra Martin

Major: English

I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in Education Psychology or Sociology of Education. My research interests include the classroom/school processes and the development of competence; expectations about ability and self-fulfilling prophecies; school reform and the prevention of school failure.


Kim Nguyen

Picture of Kim Nguyen

Major: Business and Mathematics

I am a proactive and self motivated student with a double major in Business Administration and Mathematics. My research interests include work ethics; underrepresented groups in the workplace; and organizational behavior with an emphasis on manager/employee relationships. For my current research, I am examining the intrapersonal variables of Generation Y and their likelihood to blow the whistle.


Moses Padmore

Picture of Moses Padmore

Major: Biology

My major is in Biology/Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. I plan to earn a Ph.D. in pathology with emphasizes on infectious diseases. I will be doing research in agricultural chemistry to discover the biochemical mechanism that hyperaccumulating plants of heavy metal use to tolerate high levels of those chemicals, i.e., Nickel, Cobalt, and Selenium.


Vita Paramo

Picture of Vita Paramo

Major: Spanish and Ethnic Studies

I have a double major in Spanish and Ethnic Studies with an option in Latino Studies. My research project conveys why Latina immigrant girls apply for educational aid two to three times more than Latinas that are second and third generation young women; my theory based on this question is minority mentality vs. majority mentality. All of my research will take place within the Chicana Latina foundation.


Danielle Throop

Picture of Danielle Throop

Major: Political Science/ International Studies

I am a double major in Political Science and International Studies (area emphasis Middle East). My two main areas of research are democratization and political violence. I am currently in the process of preparing to apply for several doctoral programs with the help of the McNair Scholars Program.


Christine Valdez

Picture of Christine Valdez

Major: Psychology

My major is Psychology with minors in Human Development and Statistics. My interests include attachment and traumatic life experiences. My McNair research project focuses on the association between attachment and intimate partner violence. More specifically, I am investigating whether individuals with insecure attachment are more accepting of received and perpetrated intimate partner violence under attachment relevant contexts.


Charles Washington

Picture of Charles Washington

Major: Computer Science/Software Engineering

My major is Software Engineering. My research will focus on Digital Inclusion in the gaming industry. Digital Inclusion is known as the digital gap and my research will explore if there is a digital gap in the Gaming Industry.


James Wax

Picture of James Wax

Major: Sociology

My major is Sociology with an option is Social Work and a minor in Psychology. I am interested in researching the psychological consequences of correctional facilities on adolescent African American males. I am also interested in exploring different training methods and tools for Social Workers that can be used to develop positive self-images of adolescent African American men.


Sade Young

Picture of Sade Young

Major: Ethnic Studies

I am an Ethnic Studies and Sociology double major. I plan to conduct my research on the mental and physical sexual health of African American women in college.

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