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Program SSOS Peer Mentoring

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How SSOS Peer Mentoring works

Project SSOS staff will work closely with academic offices, student organizations, and the General Education (GE) program on campus to recruit SSOS peer mentors to work with SSOS participants.

How to get a Mentor

Peer mentors will be selected for their knowledge and experience and be recommended from a faculty or staff member. Student participants will be paired up with mentors best suited to assist them.

Who to Contact

Contact the Student program assistant or a faculty member to request a mentor in your e-mail message. Send your request by e-mail to Dr. Kim Geron, SSOS Retention Coordinator at:

Becoming a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor, applications are available for submission at the SSOS Office (ST 120)

Mentor Schedule

Mentor Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kimanh 9am-11:30am 2pm-5pm
Karishma 2pm-4pm 9am-11:30am
Komal 2pm-4pm 2pm-5pm
A Chiam 11:30am - 2pm 9am-Noon
Asma 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 9am-1pm
Minh 1pm-3pm Noon-3pm
Manpreet 10am-2pm Noon-4pm
Peter 10am-1pm
Kolyne 3pm-5:30pm 3pm-5:30pm
Camille 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm
Cassandra 9am-1pm
An 1pm-2:30pm 9 am-Noon

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