Curricular Procedures Manual

Routing of Course Bank Request Form

  1. Department Chair
  2. College Curriculum Coordinator
  3. Dean and/or Associate Dean
  4. College Curriculum Coordinator posts the college-approved curriculum request under the Team Discussion section on the Academic Programs and Graduate Studies Curriculum SharePoint Site to alert all university Department Chairs, Program Directors, Associate Deans, Deans, and the Articulation Officer to review the request.
  5. After five working days, the College Curriculum Coordinator sends the Course Bank Request as an e-mail attachment to the University Curriculum Coordinator in APGS.

Unbanking a course is as simple as the Department Chair sending an e-mail to the University Curriculum Coordinator with a copy to his/her College Curriculum Coordinator. The e-mail should include the course prefix, number, and title of the course, along with the quarter the course will next be offered and why it needs to be reactivated (made eligible to schedule). Once the e-mail is received, the University Curriculum Coordinator will reactivate the course in the course inventory so it can be offered again, and it will automatically appear in the next available university catalog in the list of courses. Keep in mind that course modifications of any sort are NOT possible when unbanking a course. The course must be reinstated exactly as it was when it was banked. If a modification is required, a "Course Modification Request" form will need to be submitted.

Unbanked courses are reinstated in the university catalog, to the home department's: 1) course list and 2) original curricular location(s), provided that subsequent major modifications did not alter unit totals. In this event, the course will be reinstated to the course list only.

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