Automated Classroom Test Scoring

This service is a computerized system for scoring multiple-choice examinations with these specifications:

  • Exam may have a maximum of 160 items.
  • Items may have a maximum of five answer choices.
  • Exam can be subdivided into a maximum of six subtests.
  • Raw scores can be weighted and corrected for guessing.

Automated Test Scoring Service generates:

  • Individual student responses to each question, score distribution including raw score, frequency, cumulative frequency, percentile rank, percent score, and standard score; summary statistics including mean, median, variance, standard deviation, etc..
  • Alphabetized student score roster that includes number of items right, wrong, and omitted, percent score, standard score, and raw score.
  • Descriptive item analysis (optional) that includes the number and percent of students responding to each answer alternative.
  • Discriminative item analysis (optional) that includes high/middle/low group comparison, individual item indices and statistics, point diserial correlation, and right/wrong group means.
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