TEAS Exam Dates and Student Charges

TEAS Paper Version Exam Dates

TEAS Computer Version Exam Dates


Before coming to take the TEAS exam, you must go to www.atitesting.com and at the top of the page choose "Create an Account." You are not registering for the exam; you are simply creating an account with ATI. When you create your account with ATI, they will issue you a Paper Pencil ID number that looks like this: A12345678 (it starts with the letter "A" followed by eight digits). Write this number on a paper and bring it with you on the test date. You will be required to insert this number on your answer sheet on the day of the test. If you do not insert this number on your answer sheet, your test will not be scored. Once the account number has been issued, you can use it for every TEAS you take.

TEAS Student Charge: $100.00
(Test Registration charges are subject to change without notice)

Admission ticket or Registration confirmation

  • TEAS (Paper Version) - An admission ticket with date, time and location will be emailed to you approximately one week prior to the test date. If you have not received your admission ticket by the Wednesday preceding the test, use your online Registration Confirmation printout as a substitute.
    • If you do not receive an admission ticket or cannot find your registration confirmation you must contact us at testing.office@csueastbay.edu no later than the Wednesday before your test date.
  • TEAS (Computer Version) – There is no admission ticket for this test. (Note: The computer version of the TEAS already has the date, time and location)
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