Purpose of the CBEST: The CBEST provides a general measure of teaching skills or abilities. The Reading and Math sections are composed of multiple-choice questions; the Writing section consists of two essay questions.

The CBEST is NOT administered at CSU East Bay. See the "CBEST Registration Bulletin" for test center information.

Who must pass the CBEST:

  • Applicants for admission to an approved teacher-preparation program. The CSU East Bay Teacher Education department requires the CBEST be passed prior to admission to the credential program. 
  • Applicants for first time teaching credential or service credential. 
  • Applicants requesting issuance or renewal of Emergency Credential. 
  • Those who have not taught during the 39 months prior to new employment (varies according to school district).

When should the CBEST be taken: Scores take from 4-6 weeks to process. When scheduling the test date, allow sufficient score reporting time to meet university/employer deadlines.

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