This test is NOT administered at CSUEB.

Purpose of the GMAT: The GMAT measures general verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that are developed over a long period of time. It is designed to help graduate Schools of Business assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in Business and Management. The GMAT does not presuppose any specific knowledge of business or other specific content areas. It does not measure achievement in any particular subject area. International students should note that the GMAT is entirely in English and all instructions are provided in English.

Who must take the GMAT: Any student applying for an advanced degree in the study of Business and/or Management and has been notified the university or its department that the GMAT is an entrance requirement at the time of application.

When should the GMAT be taken: Ordinarily, the GMAT is taken prior to applying for a graduate program. However, as the GMAT is only administered as a computer-adaptive test (CAT), you can receive your results immediately upon completion of the exam at the testing center. Therefore, the GMAT can be taken at any time during the year prior to the deadline in which scores must be received by the university to which you are applying.

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