This test is NOT administered at CSUEB.


Purpose of the GRE: The GRE General Test and Subject Tests are designed to assess academic knowledge and skills relevant to graduate study. The General Test yields separate scores for verbal, quantitative, and analytical abilities related to success at the graduate level of education. The Subject Tests measure specific subject matter emphasized in many undergraduate programs as preparation for graduate programs as preparation for graduate study in a specific field.

Who must take the GRE: At CSUEB, there are several departments which require (or where indicated as optional or special circumstances) the GRE General and Subject Exams. Contact your department to determine whether you need to take the GRE.

When the GRE should be taken: Each graduate department has specific deadlines for submission of application documents and test scores. The GRE scores are reported in approximately six weeks; schedule a test date that allows ample time for the receipt of scores by the graduate department.

The GRE General Test is offered ONLY as a Computer Based Test.

GRE Score Guidelines: GRE General Test scores are reported as scaled scores ranging from 200 to 800 for each mesaure: verbal, quantitative, and analytical. The maximum range of Subject Test total scaled scores is 200-990 (range varies from test to test). Check with specific graduate departments regarding score requirements for admission.

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