This test is NOT administered at CSUEB.


Purpose of the MCAT: The MCAT is developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in cooperation with its member U.S. medical schools. The MCAT assesses mastery of basic concepts in biology, chemistry (general and organic), and physics; facility with scientific problem solving and critical thinking; and writing skills. The skills and concepts tested by the MCAT are those identified by physicians and medical educators as prerequisite for the practice of medicine.

The goal of the MCAT is to help admission committees predict which of their applicants will be successful in medical school. In addition, the MCAT can be used to help applicants who are not accepted to medical school determine the academic areas in which they may need further study. The extent to which test results are used in admission decisions varies from one medical school to another. In general, test results are combined with other information, such as undergraduate records, references, and results of personal interviews. Standardized test scores provide a way for admission committees to compare the qualifications of applicants from a variety of undergraduate institutions.

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