This test is NOT administered at CSUEB.


Purpose of the RICA: The purpose of the RICA is to ensure that candidates for Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials and Education Specialist Instruction Credentials (special education) possess the knowledge and skills important for the provision of effective reading instruction to students. The goal of reading instruction is to develop competent, thoughtful readers who are able to use, interpret, and appreciate all types of text.

Who must take the RICA: California Education Code Sections 44283 and 44283.2 require that candidates for the following two groups of California-trained credential applicants pass the RICA: candidates for initial Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials, preliminary or professional clear, with our without emphases; and effective January 1, 2000, candidates for initial preliminary level I or professional clear level II Education Specialist Instruction Credentials (Special Education)

The requirement applies to candidates who are recommended by accredited California colleges or universities, candidates who are recommended by district internship programs, and candidates who apply directly to the CCTC. The requirement is effective beginning October 1, 1998. Candidates for initial preliminary or professional clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials who do not complete all current credential requirements prior to October 1, 1998, will be required to pass the RICA.

When should the RICA be taken: When scheduling the test date, allow sufficient score reporting time to meet university/employer deadlines.

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