This test is NOT administered at CSUEB.


Purpose of the SSAT: The SSAT is composed of multiple-choice format tests that reflect proficiencies required of students entering or completing college or provisional teacher preparation programs and of individuals in professional areas. In California, both the SSAT and PRAXIS: Subject Assessments may be applicable.

The SSAT is used to earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential, generally applicable for grades 7-12. The "SSAT California Registration Bulletin" lists the Subject Matter Examinations needed for various certification areas. Some subjects require both the SSAT and one or more candidate-constructed response tests.

Who must take the SSAT: In California, a Single Subject Teaching Credential authorizes an individual to teach a specific subject usually in secondary schools, grades 7-12. To earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential, a person is legally required to verify his or her subject matter competence.

When should the SSAT be taken: Scores take up to ten weeks to process. When scheduling the test date, allow sufficient score reporting time to meet university/employer deadlines.

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