WST Limited Administrations

NOTE: Must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the WST Limited Administration.

You will be required to remain in the room for the 2 hour test period or until you are dismissed.

Beginning winter, 2008, the testing office is offering limited administrations of the WST to 10 students at a time, at different dates during the quarter. You can sign up for these sessions at any time when there is space; as the sessions fill, registration will close, but will be reopened if space becomes available. You can take the test on the computer or in handwriting.

REFUND: There will be no refund of test registration student charges.

RESCHEDULE: You can only reschedule once. To reschedule a test date, a minimum of 2 weeks notification is required. Less than a 2 week notification will result in the forfeiture of the test registration student charge.

To reschedule your test 2 weeks prior to your test date, go to: Complete the form, choose "Test Reschedule" as the subject and click "Submit." Once your reschedule is processed, you will be notified via email.

If you have questions, contact the testing office.

More tests will be posted during the quarter break.


WST Limited Administration Registration
WST Limited Administration Registration Confirmation

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