Revised UWSR Enrollment Holds Policy

Eligibility for UWSR

When you are eligible for the UWSR (90 units for undergraduates, conditionally classified status for graduates), you will have a non-hold, negative service indicator placed on your account. This indicator will inform you of your eligibility for this requirement and state that, upon undergraduates attaining 120 units or graduates attaining 16 units, a hold will be placed on your ability to enroll in classes.

Enrollment Hold Placement for Undergraduates with 120 Units or Graduates with 16 Units

When you attain 120 units as an undergraduate or 16 units as a graduate student, a UWSR writing skills hold will be placed on your ability to enroll in classes for the following quarter. Once placed, this hold will be removed only if you take the WST; it will be postponed only in the case of an emergency supported by third-party documentation or if you enroll in a first-tier writing skills course. If you present a portfolio in the first-tier course, regardless of the score, the hold will be removed just as it would be if you had taken the WST. If you receive no credit (NC) in the course because you did not present a portfolio, the hold will become active for the next enrollment period and the same rules will apply. The WST will be offered at a number of different times during the enrollment period, once as a regular (paper) administration for $25, and as often as possible in the Test Room for $50.

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