Accessibility Services 

At Accessibility Services, we believe in the importance of a diverse student body and a learning environment that is welcoming, accessible, and supportive for all students, faculty and staff members. Welcome!

Our Services

We provide academic accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Our counselors determine accommodations on an individual basis after reviewing current professional documentation and meeting with the individual. The purpose of such accommodations is to provide equal access to classroom programs and campus activities in a manner consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, associated California laws and regulations, and CSU policy.

In addition to accommodation and support services to University students, faculty and staff members, we inform and collaborate with faculty and staff to ensure successful implementation of accommodations and to increase the level of access and inclusion of all individuals on campus.

Our Mission  

  • To provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations and resources to students, faculty and staff with disabilities.
  • To ensure the rights and promote the dignity, self-awareness, and self-advocacy of students, faculty and staff with disabilities throughout the University.
  • To create and maintain an inclusive, supportive campus environment where individuals with disabilities have full and equal access.

Contact Us  

Reach us by voice or teletype phone at 510-885-3868 (Hayward Campus) or 925-602-6716 (Concord Campus) or e-mail us at To contact individual staff members, see our staff directory.

Please Note: If you encouter something on a CSU East Bay Campus that you feel is inaccessible (physically, access to course or university materials, etc.), please let us know by completing the Report of On-Campus Inaccessibility ( Word | pdf ) and returning it to Accessibility Services as soon as possible.

Accessible Media Requests for Winter Quarter 2015

In order to begin processing Accessible Media requests, students with accessible media accommodations must submit the following documents no later than,

November 14, 2014:

New Request Forms will be emailed to students with Accessible Media accommodations and updated on our website soon.

  1. Request for Pre-Arranged Accommodations (ROPA)  (Word | pdf)
  2. Accessible Media Textbook Request Form  (Word | pdf)
  3. Official Course Schedule

Additional Form(s)

  • Accessible Media Agreement | Upon Request by Accessible Media Assistant Coordinator
  • Late Request Form | Required After Deadline


Here is a guide to filling out Accessible Media requests

Requests cannot be processed unless all required forms and fields are fully completed.

This includes: course and section #’s | textbook information | format | delivery method

If textbook information is not available at the time of your request, please make a note of this in the textbook information box. You may still submit an accessible media request if you do not know the books you will have for your class. However, if textbook information is available and not provided on your form, you will be asked to complete the missing information.

You may submit proof of purchase for book requests at a later date, if you have not bought your books yet. Accessible textbooks will not be released to students until proof of purchase is verified. 

(NEW) Please submit your requests:

-          In person to Accessible Technology Reception Desk in LI 1121 (Library - Lower Mall).

-          By email or fax to:  or 510-885-7633

Requests submitted after the deadline will require a late request form.


In order to provide our students with timely access to course materials in an accessible format, submit your textbook adoptions by October 27, 2014. Students with accessible media accommodations will need to have all textbook information for their classes by the November 14, 2014 deadline. If Accessible Media does not have the textbook information by the quarter deadline, this will result in a delay in the student receiving their accessible book(s) for the class.

Questions and concerns can be sent to

Or contact the Accessible Media Assistant Coordinator, Corazón (Coco) Napolis at 510-885-3831

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