College Link’s Coaches

The role of our coaches is the following:

  • Individualized support
  • Organization and monitoring of coursework completion
  • Liaison between student and faculty
  • Facilitate homework and socialization groups
  • Monitor students’ coursework daily though Blackboard, course syllabi and regular communication with relevant faculty
  • Facilitating the comprehension of course instructions and materials
  • Monitoring use of accessible technology for assignments as needed
  • Facilitating weekly study groups as needed
  • Observing students in the classroom and reviewing appropriate classroom social skills as needed
  • Developing learning style strategies (i.e. visual, audiotory)
  • Assisting the program coordinator in anticipating stressful environments and addressing anxiety or related behaviors
  • Collaborating closely with Project Impact tutors to facilitate abstract or conceptual understanding of material
  • Communication and collaboration with student’s family members as needed
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