Accessible Furniture 

Accessible furniture includes tables and chairs that can be larger, more comfortable, or more adjustable than standard classroom furniture. Students may be eligible for accessible furniture if pain, injury, wheelchair use or other circumstance warrants a larger table or more comfortable chair.

The accommodation of accessible furniture will be listed on students' Determination of Accommodations document and students should let you know that they intend to use the accessible furniture in your classroom.

If students formally request their furniture with our office, we will place a reserve sign on the furniture with the days and times of the class and the Accessibility Services student's initials. While we may have the accessible furniture placed in the classroom, it's your responsibility to ensure that the furniture isn't moved, used, or occupied by anyone other than an Accessibility Services-approved student.

For example, if you or your students will be rearranging furniture in the class, check to see that large enough walkways still exist and assist any students who have difficulty moving furniture. Pay attention to the dynamics of your classroom to make sure that a student using accessible furniture isn't inadvertently left out of any group work.

If you need a table to set your own materials down or place a podium on, use one of the regular classroom desks, not an accessible table. Even if the table is not currently in use or reserved for an Accessibility Services student, it cannot be used for any other purpose. It may help to think of adaptive furniture in the same way we think about blue lined parking spaces. These spots are reserved for drivers with disabilities and even if they're available, you can't park there without a handicap plate or placard. 

Students eligible for this accommodation receive the following handout from Accessibility Services: Accessible Furniture

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