Accessible Media

Accessible media is textbooks and other course materials (handouts, readers, etc.) in an alternate format. Accessible formats can include Word documents, Kurzweil, Braille, or PDF. These accommodations are available to students with an impairment in the ability to see or read written materials.

As with any accommodation, students should come to you during the beginning part of the quarter and let you know what they need. Some students may only need textbooks in accessible format, which Accessibility Services can provide. Others may need all classroom materials in another format, which you will need to arrange yourself (or with the help of Media and Technology Services or Accessible Technology Services Office). You can read about students' specific accommodations on their Determination of Accommodations document.  

To help facilitate accessible formatting for our students, be sure to declare your course materials to your department and the University Bookstore as early as possible each quarter. The sooner you declare your materials the sooner Accessibility Services can begin converting them. Obtaining or converting accessible materials can be very time consuming.  Your early adoption of textbooks might make the difference between a student having accessible text on the first day of the course or not. If no textbook has been selected, please inform us of any course readers or online materials.

To remind you to get your book information in early, we may send you an Accessible Media Faculty Alert Letter. We often send these letters to professors who have one or more students in their classes who are eligible for accessible course materials.

If you are unsure about how to create accessible materials in your classroom, please call our office. Our Accessible Media Coordinator can assist with creating accessible format textbooks and course readers for your eligible students. For other accessible materials (websites, PowerPoint presentations, captioning films, converting handouts to Braille, etc.) please see the Accessible Technology Services Office or Media and Technology Services.

Students eligible for this accommodation receive the following handout from Accessibility Services: Accessible Media

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