Accessible Testing

Our most frequently-used accessible testing accommodations include additional time, a room with minimal distractions, and the test in an accessible format. Like all accommodations, testing accommodations are based on the student's specific functional limitations. For example, students with poor concentration may be approved for testing in a room with minimal distractions. Students with slow processing speed or learning disabilities may be approved for additional test time. Students with visual impairment might need the test in a larger font size, on audio, or with a reader and scribe. Students must have a specific deficit or need to be eligible for an accommodation.  

Students approved for accessible testing should let you know this at the beginning of the quarter, or as soon as they are registered with our office. It is always the student's responsibility to request accommodations of their professors. However, you can help facilitate this process by putting a statement in your syllabus encouraging students to meet with you early in quarter to discuss any accommodation needs.

Students should show you their Determination of Accommodations document, which proves that they're registered with Accessibility Services and specifies their accessible testing accommodations. At this point, you and your student may discuss the best way to arrange for the accessible testing. If you are able to accommodate the student, please do so. If you are unable to provide the necessary accommodations, our office can provide them for you. 

In order to test with Accessibility Services, students must submit a completed Request for Accessible Testing form at least a week before each regular exam and several weeks before finals. This form will need your signature, contact information, and a list of test conditions. We want to make sure that your test will be administered to the Accessibility Services student in the same way it's administered to the rest of the class, with the only major exception being the accommodation.

When a student asks you to sign a testing request form, please complete it thoroughly and get it back to the student within our deadline. It helps us immensely if you include your test dates and times on the syllabus, stick to these dates, and complete the test forms as early as possible in the quarter.

Accessibility Services will typically schedule the exam at the same day and time as the class is taking it, but this is not always possible. You should receive a copy of the completed Request for Accessible Testing form from the student once they've arranged their accommodations. Your copy will list the exact date and time.

As the exam date approaches, you'll need to send your exam to Accessibility Services' Accessible Testing Coordinator. Try to do this 2-3 days before the student is scheduled to take the exam with us. We must have the exam at least 24 hours in advance. You can send us your exam by fax, email, or in person. We discourage use of campus mail for exams.

We will get the exam back to you in the manner you indicate on the testing request form. You may pick up the exam yourself, have the student deliver it back to you, or have Accessibility Services deliver it to you within one business day. Returned tests will always be in a sealed envelope to maintain test security.

Students eligible for this accommodation receive the following handout from the Accessibility Services office: Accessible Testing

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