Accommodating University Events

School Events

Under federal and state laws, all university-sanctioned events intended for CSU Easy Bay students must be accessible to students with disabilities. Those sponsoring such events should be prepared to directly provide (or allow Accessibility Services to provide) any reasonable accommodations needed for qualified students with disabilities to participate in the school event, club, or activity. A student is considered a "qualified student with a disability" if the student meets the eligibility requirements for the event being offered.

If the student with a disability is registered with Accessibility Services, we will generally provide the student with his/her approved accommodations (except for printed handout materials - see note below) upon the student´s request. Your role, as the event's sponsor, is to support the use of these accommodations at your event (for example, audio recording the event or having sign language interpreter present). If the student is not registered with Accessibility Services, the office or entity sponsoring the event may be required to provide the accommodation directly, at their own expense.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if the student is an Accessibility Services-registered student, the event's sponsor is responsible for the preparation of accessible materials (electronic text, large print, or Braille) for students with disabilities who may require them. Either the University´s Accessible Technology Office or Accessibility Services can help you prepare for this task; but it remains your responsibility to provide these required accessible handouts. To this end, be sure to bring to your event several electronic versions of the printed handouts (on disk) and one or two "large print" copies (in at least 18-point font size).

Outside Public Events

If your event is being offered to the general public or an audience that includes participants other than CSU East Bay students who are registered with Accessibility Services (not all students with disabilities choose to register with us), then any needed accommodations or auxiliary aids and services must be provided and supported (financed) under your budget. If a student with a disability is not registered with us, they must do so in order to receive accommodations from the University. If, however, they are attending your event as part of a general audience, then they must be provided these accommodations and it is the event sponsor's responsibility to fund them. Accessibility Services stands ready to provide you with technical assistance in these instances.

Sample Wording for an Event Announcement

In either case above, it would be important for you to advertise, in all your publicity materials, your willingness to offer these legally-mandated supports. Here are two sample announcements you might include in these materials:

  1. "This event is in an accessible location to people with disabilities. [Make sure physical access is indeed available.] If you require disability-related program accommodations, please let the event's sponsor know of your accommodation needs at least two weeks prior to the event."
  1. Please check the disability program accommodations that apply. I am a person with a disability who needs:

Sign Language Interpreters

Printed handouts in accessible format - check one that applies:

  • Electronic text
  • Large print copy (18 point type font or specify if larger)
  • Braille
  • Other program accommodations: ____________________________

Please make your accommodation request at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event or conference you wish to attend. Requests made within two weeks of the event may not be approved.

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