Audio Recording Lectures

Students are eligible for audio-recording accommodations if their disability impairs access to classroom lectures. Those who benefit from audio-recording include students with slow processing speed, memory deficits, difficulty taking notes, concentration problems, and certain learning disabilities. Students may use any number of devices to record lectures: digital voice recorders, cell phone recorders, even audio recorders imbedded in smart pens.  

Students need to alert their professors before recording any lectures. We encourage our students to introduce themselves early in the quarter and show you their Determination of Accommodations document, which will list recording of lectures as an Accessibility Services-approved accommodation.

If you have any concerns about recording in your classroom, especially during class discussions, please address these with the Accessibility Services student or our office. Students who record class lectures must agree to our audio-recording polices. For example, they must notify the professor before recording, use recordings only for their own educational and study purposes (no sharing or otherwise publicizing the recordings), and erase all recordings at the end of the quarter.

If you'd like to be sure that your students understand and will abide by these policies, you may ask them to sign the Certification and Rules Governing Recording Lectures document.

Students eligible for this accommodation receive the following handout from the Accessibility Services office: Audio Recorded Lectures

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