Copy of a Classmate's Notes

Students are eligible to receive copies of a classmate's notes if their disability impairs note-taking. Such a disability may be obvious (an injury to the writing hand, an arm in a cast) or nearly invisible (a student with concentration problems, severe arthritis, or poor hearing). As with other accommodations, students are encouraged to show you their Determination of Accommodations document so that you can verify their eligibility for this accommodation.

In order to make use of a note-taking accommodation, students need to recruit someone from the class who is willing to share their notes. Notes can be shared by email attachment (for notes taken on computer), by photocopying notebook pages using the copier provided in our office, or by writing notes on dual note paper (similar to carbon paper). Dual note paper is available from Accessibility Services at no charge.

Notetakers don't need any special skills other than readable handwriting and fairly complete and well-organized notes. Since most students in the class will be taking notes for themselves anyway, sharing notes with another student should not be an imposition. However, if the notetaker registers with our office we are able to pay them a stipend of $40 per quarter for their effort.   

Some Accessibility Services students will recruit a notetaker on their own without involving their professors in the process. Other students may ask for your help in finding a notetaker. If an Accessibility Services student asks for your assistance and you know of a student who would be appropriate, please introduce the two students. Another option is to make an announcement to the entire class asking for a volunteer notetaker. (Don't forget to maintain Accessibility Services students' confidentiality, especially if they wish to remain anonymous.)

We suggest something similar to the following:

"A student in this class is eligible for note-taking services. If you volunteer to be a notetaker, you will be expected to share a copy of your notes from class. Duplicate paper for this purpose is available at Accessibility Services. If you sign up as a notetaker with the disability office, you will receive a $40 stipend at the end of the quarter. Which of you is interested in this note-sharing position?"

After a student volunteers, you might say "Thank you for your assistance. Please see me after class so I can introduce you to the student who needs the notes."

After the rest of the class leaves or in the privacy of your office, introduce the Accessibility Services student and the notetaker and let them work out the details of the notetaking arrangement.

To view a sample letter students may use to ask for your help in recruiting a notetaker, click on our Notetaker Recruitment Letter.

Students eligible for this accommodation receive the following handout from the Accessibility Services office: Copy of a Classmate's Notes

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