The Determination of Accommodations Document 

Once students have registered with us (met with a counselor and been deemed eligible for accommodations) they receive a copy of a document called the Determination of Accommodations. This document proves their status as an Accessibility Services student and lists their accommodations.

We recommend that students make an appointment or attend office hours in the first week or so of the quarter to notify professors of their Accessibility Services status and show professors the Determination of Accommodations document. If a student asks for an accommodation, but you have no proof of their need for such accommodation, you may ask the student to show you a copy of their Determination of Accommodations document. Assuming that students give enough notice to arrange them, faculty and staff must always support Accessibility Services-approved accommodations.

If a student asks for a specific accommodation in your class but is not registered with our office, you have several choices. You may choose to accommodate the student based on the circumstance or what you feel is appropriate. You may deny the student's request, especially if you lack information (verbal or written) or the request seems excessive, inappropriate, or unreasonable. Or, you may encourage the student to register with our office to discuss the possibility of official accommodations which, if warranted, you will then uphold.

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