Filing an Accommodation Appeal

Accommodations are usually determined at the intake appointment. However, they may be revised at any time and should be reviewed after a change in diagnosis or severity of symptoms. To request a change of accommodations, see your Accessibility Counselor. If your counselor has denied your request, you may consider filing an appeal.

Follow the appeal policy if you:

  1. Met with your counselor to request additional accommodation
  2. Had the request denied
  3. Talked to your counselor about the reasons for the denial, and
  4. Still believe that the accommodation request is valid

To appeal a counselor's decision, complete an Accommodation Appeal Form where you'll describe your accommodation request or challenge. If more documentation is required to support the request, you will be asked to provide this, as it is your responsibility to obtain appropriate verification of the disability.

Once the Accommodation Appeal Form is complete, it is forwarded to the Accessibility Services Director or a designee. The Director/designee will evaluate the matter and make a decision within ten working days of receiving the form.

Students who are dissatisfied with the Director's response will be referred to the Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance to appeal the decision. The Associate Vice President again has an obligation and duty to respond to the appeal within ten working days and may gather additional information prior to making any decision.

If, after meeting with the Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance, students still do not feel they have received a satisfactory response to the appeal, they are entitled to take the matter to one last level and appeal to CSUEB's Director of Equity and Diversity. 

We at Accessibility Services anticipate that accommodation-related disagreements will be resolved as quickly as possible. However, an appeals process may take several weeks to complete. During this process, all current accommodations as determined by the counselor and listed on the Determination of Accommodations document will continue to be in effect.

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