Guidelines for Using Accommodations at CSU East Bay

Students are expected to take an active role in asking for and arranging their own accommodations. Their Accessibility Counselor and the appropriate coordinator will oversee the implementation, facilitation, and evaluation of these services and are available to assist students in making these arrangements. The following are the general guidelines for use of accommodations.

Register with Accessibility Services: Students requesting accommodations must have completed an intake and have a current Determination of Accommodations document on file.

Fill out appropriate paperwork each quarter: Depending on your accommodations, you may need to complete a Request for Pre-Arranged Accommodations before the beginning of each quarter. This form must be returned to us in a timely manner (hopefully as soon as your register for classes) to ensure your accommodations will be in place at the beginning of the next quarter. You might also need to complete paperwork throughout the quarter such as test request forms or note-taking forms. Again, turn any forms in well before the deadline to ensure timely service.   

Alert instructors of your need for accommodations: Early in the quarter introduce yourself to your instructors and show them the Determination of Accommodations document as proof of your eligibility for accommodations.

Plan ahead: While Accessibility Services responds as quickly as possible, due to the complexity and high volume of requests, we must ask for at least ten working days from the date of the request to arrange for your accommodation(s).

Be responsible: Ultimately, students are responsible for ensuring that support services and accommodations meet their needs. If an accommodation is not appropriate or is lacking, contact Accessibility Services to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Request adjusted services as needed: Any changes in needs or requests for additional accommodations must be supported by documentation, evaluated by an Accessibility Services counselor, and changed on the Determination of Accommodations sheet before the additional accommodation is provided.

Follow the policies: All policies and procedures must be followed to ensure timely, effective services. Any breach of Accessibility Services or University policies may result in a suspension of accommodations. For more information on the policies involving a specific accommodation, refer to that accommodation's policy and procedures handout.

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