Questioning an Accommodation

Occasionally, you may question a student's use of an accommodation in your classroom. Remember to check the student's Determination of Accommodations document to see that the accommodation is listed. If it's not, the accommodation is not officially approved for the student by Accessibility Services. If this happens, please alert our office.

If, on the other hand, you question the merits of an Accessibility Services-approved accommodation, contact an Accessibility Services counselor immediately. We will evaluate your concerns and may alter the accommodation, if necessary. However, until a decision is made, you must continue to honor the currently-approved accommodation.

Under both Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are two criteria under which an approved accommodation might be rescinded.

1. If the requested accommodation would fundamentally alter a requirement of a course or program.

Under this exception, the institution must be able to demonstrate that core competencies or basic course requirements are essential to the instruction being pursued, and, if they were to be altered by an accommodation this would fundamentally change the nature of the program. Essential course requirements must be determined in a manner that takes into consideration the purpose of the instruction.

2. If the requested accommodation would cause the institution an undue hardship or burden.

Cost of an accommodation can be a reason to deny an accommodation under this principle of the law. However, resources of the entire University system (not just the Accessibility Services office) would be evaluated. Therefore, this excuse is a most unlikely defense for a state-supported institution. Still, under this provision, the University has the option of approving a less costly or more cost-effective accommodation than may have been requested by the student, if the solution will meet the requirements of the law.

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