Shared Responsibilities: Faculty, Students & Accessibility Services

Our university is accessible to all qualified students because all of the faculty, staff, and students work together to make it so. Here's a brief overview of the responsibilities of each.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Ensure an accessible classroom environment.
  • Treat students with disabilities equally and fairly: no bias or retaliation.
  • Verify that students requesting accommodations are registered with the Accessibility Services office (ask to see their Determination of Accommodations document).
  • Accept and support students' Accessibility Services-approved accommodations.
  • Uphold students' right to maintain confidentiality about their disabilities; refrain from disclosing students' Accessibility Services status or accommodations to others.

Accessibility Services Student Responsibilities

  • Provide documentation of the disabling conditions that may warrant academic accommodations or be able to adequately explain the nature of your disability and how it affects you in an academic environment.
  • Request Accessibility Services accommodations each quarter by filling out appropriate forms and keeping records up to date.
  • Follow established Accessibility Services policies and procedures for arranging and using accommodations.
  • Discuss accommodation needs with professors early in the quarter.
  • Communicate with Accessibility Services counselors to resolve any accommodation problems.


Accessibility Services Staff Responsibilities

  • Plan appropriate accommodations in cooperation with students and their professors.
  • Work with students, faculty, and staff to arrange accommodations.
  • Assist students to resolve any problems related to accommodations.
  • Help to ensure university compliance with federal and state disability-related laws.
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