Standardized Test Takers

California State University East Bay requires that students take placement exams to determine their eligibility to enroll in specific courses. These exams include the Entry Level Math and English Placement Test. Students are also required to pass competency exams (such as the Writing Skills Test) to fulfill degree requirements or start graduate work. Some departments require standardized testing as part of their admissions procedures. 

Students who are currently registered with Accessibility Services should contact their disability counselor about accommodations on University placement or other standardized tests.

Students who do not attend CSUEB but are interested in testing here should follow the steps below.

  • Register for your University exam well in advance of the exam date and pay any applicable fees.
  • Gather written documentation of your disability from an appropriate professional. Mail, fax (510-885-4775), or bring this documentation to the Accessibility Services office along with a note requesting accommodations on your University exam. We recommend completing this step at least three weeks before your scheduled exam date, so please plan ahead. If it has been more than a year or two since you've last had your disability verified, we may need updated documentation. For health-related disabilities, you may use our diagnosis verification form. For learning disabilities, we will need a copy of your most recent learning assessment report (sometimes called psychoeducational testing report). We do NOT require your Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For more information, see our handout describing guidelines for learning disability verification.
  • Once our office has your disability documentation, a counselor will contact you to discuss your specific experiences and needs in order to determine the accommodations for your exam.
  • After accommodations have been determined, you will be asked to sign paperwork giving our office permission to send your accommodation information to the University Testing Office. This paperwork can be faxed or mailed, if needed. The accommodation paperwork is due at the University Testing Office two weeks before your exam.
  • The University Testing Office will call to confirm the exact details of your exam, including possible alternate dates, times, and accommodations.

Please call the Accessibility Services office if you have questions about this process.   

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