Campus Recycling Program

Pioneer Heights

Separate recyclables from garbage according to the instruction sheets. There are two bins: one for recycling and one for garbage. If you put garbage into the recycling bin, the garbage contaminates the recycling and then it becomes garbage. The recycling goes to the landfill and no recycling takes place.

Recycling and Landfill Examples

White = Recycling                                                                                Green = Garbage

Hayward and Concord Campuses

Place all recyclables into blue containers. Recyclables include:

  • Paper such as copies, old files, and reports
  • Rinsed cans, bottles, yogurt containers, plastic carry-out containers
  • Cardboard boxes


What can go into the garbage bins?
Everything goes into the bins and is separated at Waste Management's dump station.

There are garbage cans throughout the buildings labeled “food waste”. Your left-over food can be tossed into this receptacle and will be separated from our regular waste stream, which will help to keep our waste pick-ups from getting contaminated. Please note that this is not being used for compost but to separate food and odors from offices, workstations and break rooms, and reduce pest infestations.

Why does Pioneer Heights have white and green garbage bins?  Why aren't they on the single stream process?
Pioneer Heights did start off with the single stream process but we were not getting the right diversion rates due to the majority of the waste being contaminated.  We have decided to treat Pioneer Heights as a residential site and have gone back to green bins for trash and white bins for recycle.  The bins will be placed with green bins on the left for Landfill and white bins on the right for Recycle.  Just remember “L” equals “Left” for “Landfill” and “R” equals “Right” for “Recycle”. We are working on signage that will show specific sample items that should go into the bins. 

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