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Facilities Development and Operations is committed to sustainable design. From designing buildings that use the latest techniques in energy conservation to specifying products with high recycled content, we contribute to our University's commitment to sustainability.

  • Our Hayward Campus has photo voltaic panels on four buildings which generate at least 6% of our total electrical usage per year.
  • A new Ultra Clean Fuel Cell will produce 1.4 megawatt of electricity and its heat-recovery system will provide heat for three campus buildings and the water for our two pools.
  • Two lighting projects on the Hayward Campus are utilizing the latest in fixture technology, plasma and LED, to cut energy costs and better illuminate the campus.

The Hayward Campus Master Plan addresses sustainability in these focus areas:

  • Energy & Water
  • Waste & Carbon
  • Transportation & Materials
  • Landscape, Land Use & Site Development

Read Section 4, Sustainable Campus Framework of the Hayward Campus Master Plan

Find out more about how we are making the University greener:

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