Campus Framework

Sustainability Goals

For complete details of the Sustainable Campus Framework, please review Section 4 of the Hayward Campus Master Plan.


New University Union

Reach carbon neutrality by the year 2030. For existing buildings, the goal is to achieve a 30% energy savings over current consumption. The achievement of the goal will require an integrated purchasing, maintenance and management effort.


Reduce campus potable water consumption from 35% to 60%. The modest goal of 35% can be met through fixture retrofit measures, while the goal of 60% will require the development of a recycled water system.


Reduce waste to create 75%-100% diversion rates and 100% green waste composted on campus.


Reach a 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared to business-as-usual projections through operational and design strategies.


Reduce the existing single occupant vehicle trips from 79% to 64% through implementation of various transportation demand management programs and policies. This will concurrently be accompanied by an increase in public transit ridership from the existing 16% to 29%.


Reuse existing buildings whenever possible. The University should consider salvaged, recycled content, and rapidly renewable materials when new materials are needed. Locally sourced building materials supports the local economy and reduces the impact of transportation.


Create a landscape that is not only visually pleasing but will also reduce run-off, encourage biologically healthy soils, and save energy through shading. 

Land Use and Site Development

Establish a long term land use and development pattern that supports the achievement of all the sustainable campus elements. A development pattern that can support many aspects of sustainability such as minimizing the need for vehicle use and encouraging public transportation, maximizing design opportunities for low-energy use, climate responsive buildings and developing a low water use landscape that celebrates native vegetation of the East Bay.

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