Event set-up

Once your event request has been approved and scheduled by Facilities Reservations, we provide requested equipment and services which includes chairs, tables, trash and recycling receptacles, and barbeques. We do not provide stages or canopies, however Facilities Reservations can refer you to a vendor. To schedule an event, please complete a Facilities Reservation Request Form.

Moving Services

Moving Services include moving furniture, desks, bookcases, boxed items and surplus electronic equipment. Please see our Moving Process page for more detailed information on how to schedule and complete a move.

CleaningCustodial Staff

Our staff of custodians clean the campus buildings on a regular schedule. Areas are cleaned in the following priority:

  1. Restrooms
  2. Classrooms
  3. Public Areas
  4. Offices

Click here for detailed cleaning frequency.

For urgent requests that affect safety (i.e. spills, broken glass etc.) please call 510-885-4444.

Floor cleaning and polishing and carpet shampooing is completed during the evening hours.


  • Approximately 41 total custodial staff members.
  • Fifteen buildings are serviced.
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