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Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense and Body Awareness Classes!

LEEP is interested in offering classes beginning this fall quarter on becoming better prepared to physically protect yourself. This class will combine self-defense, strength and flexibility training rooted in various martial arts techniques (boxing, karate, Jeet Kune Do). The classes will include core training, balance and awareness of body strength related to defensive moves. Please wear comfortable clothing (t-shirt, sweats, no shoes needed).  This Class will generate some level of sweat from core movements but it is not structured as a cardio workout.

Instructor: Michele Korb

When: Beginning mid October. Days/times TBD

Michele's Background: Michele is an Associate Professor of Science Education at CSUEB. She holds a black belt in mixed martial arts and in Tae Kwon Do. Her background in martial arts spans more than a decade with teaching experience in boxing, kickboxing, Silat, Jeet Kune Do and Escrima (weapons training). She has experience in teaching women's self defense and has had 10 years of experience and training in sparring/ tournament competition.

Register your interest: http://goo.gl/smpfQd

Green Your Home Environment

Want to live a greener and healthier lifestyle by using less toxic chemicals in your day-to-day life? LEEP would like to offer a series of workshops on ways to do just that using natural ingredients that are easy to find and combine to create your own cleaners, sanitizers and fresheners. There's no need to use expensive products with harsh chemicals. These workshops will be hands-on and you will leave with the products you make. There will be a small workshop fee depending on the amount of products that are made at each workshop. Sign up and let us know which sound interesting to you. Interest form: http://goo.gl/6q5y3c

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