The course prefix for the following courses is FIN.


Personal Finance (4)
Overview of financial literacy and personal financial planning for households. Topics include: financial plans, budgets and statements; managing basic assets, credit, insurance needs; managing personal investments; international effects and causes of personal financial planning on the United States investment patterns.


Financial Management (4)
Theory and practices that underlie the financial manager's decision-making process. Capital investment analysis, capital structure, dividend policy, risk and return, and market valuation of the firm. Prerequisites: ACCT 2251; ECON 2301 and 2302; STAT 1000 or 2010.


Financial Markets and Services (4)
The contemporary environment of the financial system and the organization and operation of financial markets, financial products and instruments, and the financial services industry. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Management of Risk and Insurance (4)
Techniques of risk management and uses of insurance contracts for individual and business insurance planning. The operation and regulation of the insurance industry and contract provisions for property, liability, life, annuity, health, and disability insurance. Prerequisite: junior standing.


Fundamentals of Real Estate Management and Decision-Making (4)
Fundamental tools of real estate decision-making and the management of real estate development, finance, investment valuation and operations. Recommended preparation: ACCT 2701 (formerly MGMT 2701).


Cooperative Education (1-4)
Supervised work experience in which student completes academic assignments integrated with off-campus paid or volunteer activities. May be repeated for up to 8 units. Units not applicable to options or minor. Prerequisites: at least 2.0 GPA; departmental approval of activity. CR/NC grading only.


Issues in Finance (4)
Readings, discussion, and research on contemporary and/or significant issues in finance. May be repeated for credit when content varies. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.


Corporate Finance (4)
In-depth study of theories and practices of corporate financial management. Emphasis on corporate financial decision-making, including capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, risk management, and international financial management. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Investment Analysis (4)
Introduction to security analysis and portfolio management. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Problems in Corporate Finance (4)
Studies of specific problems in corporate financial policy formulation and decision-making using financial data bases and models. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Introduction to Commercial Banking Operations (4)
An introduction to commercial banking. The emphasis is on operations of the bank, its organization structure, accounting procedures, and financial management objectives and policies. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Seminar in Financial Theory (4)
Selected topics dealing with recent developments in financial theory and management practice. May be repeated for credit with the approval of the department. Prerequisites: FIN 3300; MATH 1820; senior or graduate standing, and consent of instructor.


International Business Finance (4)
Financial aspects of international business including international financial markets, foreign exchange management, foreign investment, multinational capital budgeting, working capital management, financing of international business including import-export financing and international banking. Not open to those with credit for FIN 6375. Prerequisite: FIN 3300.


Financing Real Estate Operations (4)
Study of equity, mortgage, lease, sale and lease-back, and innovative methods of financing, including related tax effects. Prerequisites: FIN 3300 and either FIN 3400 or graduate standing.


Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Appraisal (4)
Applications of investment analysis and appraisal theory to real estate management. Prerequisite: FIN 4410.


Seminar in Advanced Topics in Real Estate (4)
Advanced topics in real estate, including contemporary environmental, sociological, financial, economic, and political issues. Prerequisites: two of ECON 3500 and FIN 4410 and 4415.


Independent Study (1-4)

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