Pre-Business at CSU, East Bay

Pre-Business is a designation of career interest (not an official major) at CSUEB.

Students interested in applying to the Business Administration major must first be admitted to the University. Once admitted you are designated as a Pre-Business student.

At CSUEB, the Pre-Business designation is not a guaranteed admission to the Business Administration major.

If you are admitted to CSUEB as a Pre-Business student, you will automatically be changed to a Business Administration major IF you get admitted to the program, through a separate application process.

First Year College Freshmen

Some Pre-Business students enter CSUEB as first-year college freshmen. These students follow a curriculum that prepares them to apply to the Business Administration program as soon as they complete the lower division core requirements. This curriculum is usually available on the Hayward campus.

Transfer Students

If transferring to CSUEB from a different institution you must meet the University transfer requirements and select Pre-Business on your application. Once you have completed all eight of the lower division core requirements you may apply to the Business Administration major by the published deadlines. If you apply to the program and do not get admitted, you are encouraged to meet with an Advisor in the College of Business & Economics Student Service Center to discuss what you need to do to meet admission requirements.

Business Administration Major at CSU, East Bay

For more information about the Business Administration major, please visit:

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