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Updated on September 21, 2015

We hope you are able to find the information you are looking for within our pages. If you need further assistance from the Credential Student Service Center, please contact us at the information provided below.

For urgent issues, it may be best to contact our office directly via telephone at (510) 885-2272.

Credential Student Service Center Staff
Name/TitleKey areasContact Info
CSSC Credential Inquiries E-mail

All student admissions inquiries from all programs
CSSC LinkedIn Group

Get information on jobs, programs, and connect with alumni

CSSC LinkedIn Group

CSSC Facebook Page

Find recruitment events and opportunities, post job vacancies 
CSSC Twitter Page

Follow 'tweets' on outreach and recruitment activities
CSSC Events E-mail

RSVP to events, send questions related to events
Recia McCormick-Pearson, Manager Inquiries related to current candidates and completers, last names H-Sg
Marla Anderson, Credential Analyst I

For staff/faculty inquiries, GTF processing, admissions questions, and program requirements.
Inquires related to current candidates and completers, last name Sh-Z.
Jessica Duval, Credential Analyst I Inquires regarding admission questions and program requirements, last name A-G.
Sarah Arnett, Administrative Support Coordinator I Budget, program agreements, vendors, accounting, and candidate placements

If you are starting your research on a program, please begin by reviewing the program descriptions found at our information for prospective credential students. For advising questions or to address unique admissions issues, contact the faculty coordinator listed for the program. For escalation issues, contact the department chairperson.

Credential Programs
Area Contact Contact Info
Interim Dean, College of Education and Allied Studies Dr. James Zarrillo
Associate Dean, College of Education and Allied Studies Dr. Patricia Irvine
Communicative Sciences and Disorders Department
(510) 885-3233
Dr. Shubha Kashinath
Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential - Langauge Speech & Hearing See program website
Educational Leadership Department
(510) 885-4145
Dr. Peg Winkelman, Chair
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (on-line program/part of Educational Leadership MS) Dr. Michael Fanning, Program Coordinator
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (on-campus program) Dr. Ardella Dailey, Program Coordinator
Clear Administrative Services Credential Dr. Ardella Dailey
Educational Psychology Department
(510) 885-3011
Dr. Jack Davis, Chair
Education Specialist - Mild/Moderate Disabilities Dr. Linda Smetana, Program Coordinator
Education Specialist - Moderate/Severe Disabilities

Dr. Jacki Anderson, Program Coordinator and
Dr. Ann Halvorsen, Program Coordinator/Intern Coordinator for M/M and M/S
Pupil Personnel Services - School Counseling Credential Dr. Angela Tang, Program Coordinator
Pupil Personnel Services - School Psychology Credential Dr. Greg Jennings, Program Coordinator
Teacher Education Department
(510) 885-3027
Dr. Eric Engdahl, Chair
Multiple Subject Teaching (for current and admitted students) Ms. Kelly Moore, Credential Coordinator
Single Subject Teaching (for current and admitted students) Ms. Dania Massey, Credential Coordinator
TEDSPED - Mild/Moderate Disabilities or Moderate/Severe Disabilities Dr. Linda Smetana, Program Coordinator M/M disabilities;
Drs. Jacki Anderson or Ann Halvorsen, Program Coordinators M/S disabilities

Placement Coordinator - Multiple Subject (for current & admited Hayward Campus students) Ms. Jenny Rikkers
Placement Coordinator - Multiple Subject (for current & admitted Concord Campus students) Dr. Joan Davenport
Placement Coordinator - Single Subject (for current & admitted Hayward/Concord students) Dr. Diane Mukerjee
Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Dr. Diane Mukerjee, Program Coordinator

If you are unsure of whom to contact, please call CSSC at (510) 885-2272.

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