Doctorate in Educational Leadership

for Social Justice

Preparing and influencing bold, socially responsible leaders who will transform the world of schooling. Our central role is to ignite the leadership capacity needed to create vital, democratic and caring places for powerful teaching and learning. 

Educational Leadership


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In the DEL EdD program, faculty will model and students will exhibit the following guiding principles:

1. an understanding of the transformative power of language and its use to build an environment that intentionally rejects all “isms,” particularly those of race, class and gender, creating new possibilities for just and equitable organizations and societies.

2. an understanding of and a sensitivity to the historical struggles for equity, equitable resource allocation and social justice at all levels from the local to the international, particularly within educational systems.

3. a value for the integration of the perspectives of people of different races, classes and gender into all issue analyses and decision making.

4. a sense of agency and efficacy in creating new pathways for transforming our society, and particularly our schools, to be more equitable and just places.

5. a practice of reflection which consistently calls into question discrimination and oppression in all their forms, thus engendering an environment of social justice. 6. an ability to mobilize public and private resources to redress historical inequities and injustices stemming from racial, class or gender prejudice.


The EdD Program's Curriculum

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