Kinesiology (KIN) Faculty

Atencio, Matthew, Ph.D.

Dr. Atencio  Assistant Professor

 Sports and Physical Education

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 Dr. Atencio has worked internationally as a lecturer and grant researcher at the University of Wollongong (Australia), University of Edinburgh (Scotland), and the National Institute of Education (Singapore). During his time in Scotland he worked on a multi-million dollar study aimed at improving Physical Education across the nation. He was named the top early career education researcher in Scotland for his research. Dr. Atencio has published over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. He currently teaches courses pertaining to the sociology and philosophy of human movement, as well as critical inquiry in Kinesiology.  

 Beal, Becky, Ed.D.

Beal, Becky Ed.D. Professor
Sport Sociology, Sport Philosophy

Dr Beal's research interests are centered on issues of social justice in sport and physical activity. Beal has researched the cultural and political dynamics of skateboarding for over 20 years and, currently, her work explores the relationship of the cultural industries with "action sports" such as skateboarding and surfing. She teaches courses in the sociology and philosophy of sport.
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Caplan, Cal, Ed.D.

Caplan, Cal Ed.D. Professor Emeritus

Dr. Caplan puts out administrative fires for students


Inouye, Catherine, Ed.D.

Inouye, Catherine, Ed.D. Associate Professor
Grad Coordinator
Exercise Physiology/Exercise Nutrition

Interests: Nutrition/supplements effects on exercise and sport performance Changes in physiological response to exercise in older adults.(Dogs and cats and pet adoptions)
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Liberti, Rita, Ph.D.

Liberti, Rita, Ph.D. Professor
Sport History, Sport Sociology, Sport Philosophy

Research Interests: Human bodies (whether in motion or not) do not exist in a cultural or historical vacuum. My passion and research interests include interrogating how/why movement experiences are shaped by, as well shape, specific historical and cultural movements. Specific research interests include 20th Century African American women’s sport/physical activity history
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McClain, ZaNean, Ph.D.

McClain, ZaNean, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Physical Education Pedagogy

Interest/Research Areas: Teacher effectiveness, enjoyment in school physical education, adapted physical activity/motor difficulties, physical activity promotion for all populations
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McCullagh, Penny, Ph.D.

McCullagh, Penny, Ph.D. Professor
Sport and Exercise Psychology

Research Interests: Observational learning: How watching others can modify physical and psychological skills across a variety of domains. Former president NASPSDA, AASP & Division 47, American Psychological Association
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O, Jenny, Ph.D.

O, Jenny, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Psychology of Physical Activity, Motor Learning, Nutrition

Research Interests: Examining psychological factors that influence performance consistency and optimal performance. Special emphasis on impact of imagery on performance
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Prassas, Spiros Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Biomechanics,Structural Kinesiology

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Sherwood, Jennifer, Ph.D.

Dr. Sherwood Assistant Professor  

Exercise Physiology Nutrition                                                                                                                                                             

Research Interests:  Studying the effects of regular and a single bout of exercise on cognitive performance.  Specifically interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms behind exercise-associated cognitive changes.

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Simons, Jeff Ph.D.

Simons, Jeff Ph.D. Professor
Sensory Motor, Sport Psychology

Research Interests: Motor learning, skilled performance (motor control and psychological skills), participation motivation
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Wright, Missy, Ph.D.

Dr. Wright Assistant Professor

Missy's research has focused on girls' sport participation, specifically in studying the barriers girls from urban areas and girls of color encounter with becoming and staying involved in sport. Most recently, her dissertation examined the impact of psychosocial concerns and role conflict with girls' sport participation in their middle and high school years. Missy values being a community-engaged scholar and has enjoyed working with local sport and physical activity programs in connecting her research with practice. She looks forward to continuing this type of research at East Bay!

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Yingling, Vanessa, Ph.D., FACSM

Dr. Yingling Assistant Professor  


Research Interests: How do you build a strong skeleton? The role of endocrine status, nutrition, and exercise in the development of peak bone strength and the long term consequences on bone structure and strength.  To develop strategies to reduce stress fracture and the development of osteoporosis.

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Zambetti, Robert

Professor Emeritus

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