Masters of Science in Educational Technology Leadership

About The Program 

The Educational Technology Leadership Option provides the participants with additional technological knowledge and skills to create effective school district technology plans, to develop training programs for classroom teachers in the use of technology, to promote organizational change through technology, to manage technology resources and personnel in a school setting, and to apply their technical skills and knowledge to identify and utilize technological resources appropriately for the needs of the schools, school districts, and similar educational organizations. All the option's required courses address these technology needs of schools. Thirteen (13) quarter units from either an accredited Credential Program, or other accredited graduate program may be applied to this degree, pending the units be no older than 7 years upon completion of the Master's at CSUEB. Contact the Program Coordinator  

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with an M.S. in Education, Option in Educational Technology Leadership from Cal State East Bay will: (1) identify, describe, and evaluate a variety of factors that influence integration of technology into K-12 curricula in California public schools; (2) utilize a variety of assignments in their courses to write a comprehensive review of e-learning topics that relate to education as well as the industry; (3) propose and complete a research project investigating a topic of professional interest as it relates to education and technology; (4) develop an in-depth understanding of current issues in technology and education in one of the following patterns: e-learning, technology planning and change, Web development, mathematics science and technology, language social studies and technology, or learning theories and the design of e-learning environments.


Students must demonstrate knowledge and application of authoring systems, such as HyperCard, Director, Author ware, Tool Book, or must have experience with Web-based instruction. Basic knowledge of digital technologies and HTML is required. These proficiencies may be demonstrated through the completion of EDUI 6099 (Multimedia/Hypermedia), or equivalent courses, or through other evidence such as projects created, or multimedia development. Advanced proficiency in one platform (e.g. Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX) is required. Students will be accepted into the program based on an interview by a committee where they demonstrate their technology competence. Students are also required to maintain their level of competency in technology as long as they are graduate students in the program.

Availability and Scheduling of Classes

Graduate classes are offered in the late afternoon and evening, most quarters.

Classes typically begin at 4:30 p.m. or later.

Classes in the Teacher Education Department utilize many forms of delivery including face-to-face, hybrid, online, and weekend sessions.


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