Added Authorization

This program allows students to add a supplementary credential to their already existing credential. Each pathway requires course work and additional testing.

  • Course listing and Examination Requirements

For added authorization of a Single Subject Credential to a currently held credential you must have verification of Subject Matter Competency.

For teachers who wish to Add an Authorization to their existing Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential, please do the following steps:

1. Review the Teacher Education Department Information and the CTC information about this process. 

2. For CSUEB required courses review our Added Authorization Guide.

3. If you are not a current student, for admissions and registration, you can register through Open University.  If you have any questions about Open University, please contact the Admissions Office at (510)885-2784.


  • Currently Holding a Multiple Subject Credential you may ADD a Single Subject Credential
  • Currently holding a Single Subject Credential you may ADD an additional Single Subject Credential or a Multiple Subject Credential.

For additional information or questions please contact our Credential Student Service Center.

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