Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

For more information regarding our admissions process, please attend a Credential Information Session prior to applying to the program. Credential Information Session

We invite you to visit our website,  where we have posted a PowerPoint Presentation on Credential Admissions. The presentation can be found at our Forms and Documents link,

The Multiple Subject Program is a comprehensive professional preparation program leading to a Multiple Subject Credential . This is the basic credentials that authorize you to teach in a "self-contained" classroom (almost all elementary school teaching positions as well as some middle school and a few high school positions).

Our Multiple Subject preparation programs are uniquely structured to provide the maximum amount of support for candidates. The credential programs are either four-, five-, or seven-quarter programs depending on the program selected. Students are admitted in teams of 25 to 35 students. All your classes are taken with the other members of your team. Your schedule of classes is established before you enter the program. This means that you do not need to worry about "getting into" your classes. You will, of course, have to register within the university's registration period for each quarter.

A member of the Teacher Education Department faculty will serve as your Team Leader. The Team Leader will arrange your student teaching and mentor you as you move through the program. Some of our students have traditional student teaching experiences with a master teacher, others teach under an internship credential thereby having full responsibility for a classroom.

All of the programs are full-time and will require you to take between 16 and 22 units a quarter. Please remember, you will start with your team, take your courses with your team, and finish with your team. You may not move through our program at your own pace.

The Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential

Upon satisfactory completion of our preparation program, you are eligible for a SB 2042 Preliminary teaching credential, which is valid for five years. One must hold a Preliminary credential before commencing work toward the professional Clear credential.

Field experience requirements:

All candidates will complete two supervised field experiences, either as a student teacher or an intern. Field assignments begin in late August with the beginning of the K-12 school year and continue, with breaks at different times, until June. If your entry quarter is Winter, student teaching begins immediately.

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