Single Subject Teaching Credential

For more information regarding our admissions process, please attend a Credential Information Session prior to applying to the program. Credential Information Session

We invite you to visit our website,  where we have posted a PowerPoint Presentation on Credential Admissions. The presentation can be found at our Forms and Documents link, .

The Single Subject Credential authorizes teaching specified subject courses in one of the following areas:

  • Art
  • English
  • Foreign Language - (Spanish)
  • Math - (All Areas Advanced, Algebra General Mathematics, Geometry, Probability & Statistics)
  • Music - (Choral, Instrumental)
  • Physical Education
  • Science - (Biology, Chemistry, General/Integrated, Geological Science, Physics)
  • Social Science.
  • Spanish

It is required for almost all high school teaching positions as well as some middle school positions.

The goal of the Teaching Credential Program is to prepare teachers to be effective in California’s diverse public schools.

An effective teacher knows a wide variety of approaches to teaching and classroom management; uses appropriate techniques for the purposes of a given lesson; and meets the developmental needs of students from various cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Field experience requirements:

All candidates will complete two supervised field experiences, either as a student teacher or an intern. Field assignments begin in late August with the beginning of the K-12 school year and continue, with breaks at different times, until June.

Much of the program is conducted in public school settings. Student teaching occurs for three quarters, thereby integrating credential classes with real-life teaching experiences.

The credential program is a full-time one-year commitment.

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