Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs

Scholarships are funds offered by various colleges, departments, organizations, or companies to candidates who meet specific criteria. Scholarships may be awarded on merit, need, or a combination of factors and do not require repayment. Per IRS Code 117, you may be responsible to pay taxes on any scholarship award. For more information please contact the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or seek advice from a certified tax preparer.

Financial Assistance Programs are funds offered by various government, state, organizations, or companies to students who meet specific criteria and are willing to committ to providing service within the community or to the orginzation itself. The funds utalized in these types of programs can be loan forgivness benifits, additional funding for education or cash awards.

The Teacher Education Department sources several entities to provide our candidates with as much information on financial resources available to them. Many of these opportunities are available to candidates due to the strong partnerships formed with the University.


Financial Assistance Programs

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