Educational Resources

The Teacher Education Department has developed this page for students to gain access to some of the educational resources and educational based programs available in the bay area. These programs and resources are suggestions to open new and exciting adventures in education.

Character Education

Character Education Educational resources that support the formation of caring, capable and socially responsible youth. Resources include quotations, writing prompts, books, questions, poems, songs, graphics and bulletin board ideas. These resources develop character traits such as being respectful and responsible and social and emotional skills such as mediation and perspective taking as well as academically connected service learning.

Don Edwards S.F. Bay National Wildlife Center

Don Edwards S.F. Bay National Wildlife Center Have you discovered the joys of teaching in the outdoors? Would you like expert assistance in teaching your students about ecology, wetlands, and the environment? Bring your class to one of the nation's largest urban wildlife refuges for your next field trip. It's fun, it's interesting, and your students will remember what they learn at the refuge for years to come.

Ecology Center

Ecology Center Provides the public with reliable information, tools, hands-on training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure, and models for sustainable living. Our programs enable people to adopt practices that are environmentally and socially responsible.


S.C.R.A.P.S Unique and dynamic center for reusable art parts. Offering workshops and resources.


RAFT A non-profit organization that believes hands-on teaching is the best way for teachers to teach and students to learn. We provide creative hands-on activities, educational resources, workshops and inexpensive materials, (many donated by local businesses), to enrich pre K-12 education and community group programs. Our goal is to assist teachers, non-profits and community groups, by providing materials and ideas for day-to-day teaching and for supporting professional growth

The Bay Area Mathematics Project

The Bay Area Mathematics Project A forum for professional growth for K-12 mathematics teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a project of the Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California at Berkeley. BAMP is one of 22 California Mathematics Project sites that was reestablished in 2000 and continues to provide a variety of professional growth opportunities.

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