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CLASS Curriculum Committee


Committee Meeting Dates (2014-2015)

Location:  MB 1505 (CLASS Conference Room)    Meeting Time:  11:30 am - 12:30 pm

CLASS Curriculum Committee Meetings
Year/ QuarterMeeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3Meeting 4Meeting 5
2014 Fall


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes



2015 Winter


Agenda Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes



2015 Spring


Agenda Minutes


  No Meeting


Agenda Minutes


Agenda Minutes


Committee Meeting Dates (2013-2014): 

  Location:  MB 1505 (CLASS Conference Room)    Meeting Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

CLASS Curriculum Committee Meetings
Year/ QuarterMeeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3Meeting 4Meeting 5
2013 Fall


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes


Agenda - Minutes

2014 Winter


Agenda Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


No Meeting


Agenda- Minutes

2014 Spring


Agenda Minutes


Agenda Minutes


Agenda Minutes


Agenda Minutes

Committee Meeting Records (2012-2013): 

  Location:  MB 1505 (CLASS Conference Room)    Meeting Time:  12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

CLASS Curriculum Committee Meetings
Year/ QuarterMeeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3Meeting 4Meeting 5
2013 Spring 4/8/2013 4/22/2013 5/13/2013 6/3/2013  
Agenda - Minutes Agenda - Minutes Agenda - Minutes Agenda - Minutes  
2013 Winter 1/14/2013 1/28/2013 2/11/2013 2/25/2013 3/11/2013
Cancelled Agenda - Minutes Cancelled Agenda - Minutes Agenda -  Minutes
2012 Fall 10/8/2012 10/22/2012 11/12/2012 11/26/2012 12/10/2012
Agenda - Minutes Agenda - Minutes Cancelled Agenda - Minutes Cancelled

Committee Members

Professional Studies: Sarah Taylor   2014 -
Humanities Barbara Hall   2012 -
Social Science: Henry Gilbert   2012 -
Arts Grant Kien   2012 -
Interdisciplinary Programs Keri O'Neal   2012 -
Interim Associate Dean (Non-voting) Dennis Chester   2014-
CLASS Curriculum Coordinator (Interim)  Mary Kendall   2015 -

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Procedures and Forms

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Other Documents

A Note On Attaning GE Approval:

Please note that the course proposals and revisions that go through CLASS CIC for approval do not SIMULTANEOUSLY gain GE approval. Programs that wish to have courses approved by GE are themselves responsible for submitting the appropriate documents to the GE subcommittee. Course proposals that request GE approval may be delayed in APGS if they are not directed to the GE subcommittee by the requesting program after gaining approval from CLASS CIC.

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Curriculum Proposals

Pending Review:

Chinese Language and Cultural Studies - Minor -Revision

COMM 2550 Queer Cultures - NEW

HDEV 4060 Creative & Artistic Development in Early Childhood - NEW

Early Childhood Development Option - Revision

Certificate in Early Childhood Development - Revision

Master of Arts in Anthropology - Discontinuance of Major

Master of Arts in Geography - Discontinuance of Major

Social Service Option (SSO) - Discontinuance

Organizational Communication Certificate - Discontinuance

The listed proposals have been approved by the CLASS Curriculum Committee, and they are either being posted on University SharePoint for the university community feedback, or being reviewed by Academic Affairs.

Revision of the B.A. Degree in Communication (1)

Revision of the Option in Media Production (modified into Multimedia Journalism)

Revision of the B.A. Degree in Communication (2)

Revision of the Option in PPO (Professional, Public and Organizational Communication)

New Option in Communication and Media Studies 

COMM   3006    New Media in the Digital Age-New

COMM   3030    Persuasion in Media-New

COMM   3050    Communication of Difference-New

COMM   3260    New Media and Social Change Literacy-New

COMM   3210    Research in Persuasive Communication-New

COMM   3300    Critical/Cultural Studies-New

COMM   3570    Principles of Advertising-New

COMM   3580    Principles of Public Relations-New

COMM   3610    Professional Speaking in Strategic Communication-New

COMM   3620    User Experience Research and Design_New

COMM   3870     Advertising Practicum-New

COMM   3880     Public Relations Practicum -New  

COMM   4001     Film, Communication, and Culture-New                         

COMM   4160     Communication Technology & Social Change-New 

COMM   4170     Computer Game Studies -New                                             

COMM   4180     Organizational Change, Creativity and Innovation- New      

COMM   4250     Cultures of Computing-New

COMM   4400     Visual Communication and Culture-New  

COMM   4710     Diversity in Advertising-New

COMM   4999     Issues in Communication -new                                                                                                              

COMM   3000     History and Criticism of Communication-Modification

COMM   3003     Philosophy and Theory of Communication-Mpdification

COMM   3004     Quantitative Communication Research Methods-Modification

COMM   3204     Intercultural & International Communication-Modification

COMM   3560      Persuasion Theory and Practice-Modification

COMM   4207      Communicating in Organizations-Modification

COMM   4300     Intercultural & International Communication-Modification

COMM   4530     Communications Campaigns-Modification

COMM   4610     Popular Culture-Modification

COMM   4880     Conflict Management -Modification  

Human Development Revision of the Degree

COMM 3222- Media Workshop: Editorial and Opinion Writing- Online/Hybrid

COMM 3510 Small Group Communication-Online/Hybrid

COMM 4540 Selected Topics in Mass Communication and Public Policy Online/Hybrid

COMM 4885 Senior Project: Professional, Public and Organizational Communication-Online/Hybrid

COMM 4706 Sports Media Production- New

CRJA 4130 Transnational Crime and Justice - New

CRJA 4200 White Collar Crime-New

SOC 4452 Economy and Society- New

SOC 4422 Environmental Sociology-New

SOC 3418 Mediation-New

SOC 3422 Sociology of Sport-New

Soc 3431 World Development- Modifcation

SOC 4200 Sociology of Sexualities-New

SOC 3612 Sociology of Immigration-New

SOC 3712 Sociology of Travel and Tourism-New

Theatre and Dance 3058 Intermediate Acting, Voice and Movement Techniques-New

Ethnic Studies 1810 American Indian Science- New

ES 3777 Meso American Civilization -New

ES 3887 Revolution and Art in Latin America - New

COMM 3690 Documentary History and Tradition Abroad-New

COMM 3898 Cooperative Education- Modification

COMM 3691 Digital Media Production Abroad-New

CRJA 4100   Advanced Policing Innovations_ New

HUM 2010    Introduction to Liberal Studies

HUM 4020     Senior Seminar

Liberal Studies Revision of the Degree

Latin American Studies Discontinuance of the Minor

MLL 2407-08-09 Spanish for Health Care Professions-New

MLL Advanced Spanish Conversation for Health Professions- New

MLL 3420 Advanced Spanish Conversation for Community Engagement  

ES 3557 Asian American Film Festival

MUS 4145 History of Jazz-New

MUS 3037 Improvisation Techniques I- Modification

MUS 3038 Improvisation Techniques II-Modification

MUS 6145 History of Jazz-Withdrawn by the Department

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Approved by Academic Programs:

The listed proposals have been approved by Academic Affairs, and put on the University's course inventory.  This list only includes proposals in the past 3 quarters.

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